stamp buyers in Perth

Perth's premier destination for stamp or coin collectors

SMITS is a long-established business that buys and sells rare Australian stamps, coins and banknotes for serious collectors and investors.

Smits also caters to beginner- and intermediate-level collectors. Located in central Perth’s historic London Court Arcade, Smits has traded there since the early 1970s.

Proprietors Mickel Smits and his wife Marilyn offer good, old-fashioned, over-the-counter service in a pleasant environment.

Drop in and you’ll be surprised at what you find – Smits is a veritable Aladdin’s Cave of classic and modern stamps, coins and banknotes from Australia and the rest of the world.

The range of archival-quality albums, catalogues and accessories is also extensive.

For time-poor and remote coin and stamp collectors, a mail-order service is available.


Mickel (pronounced Michael) attended his first collector fair in 1970, assisting his father Wim.

From then on he worked in the shop on Saturdays and school holidays until 1976, when, having graduated from high school, he joined the business full time. Wim retired in 1982, at which point Mickel took over the running of the business. Marilyn joined him in 1995.


A long-term member of both the Australasian Philatelic Traders Association and the Australian Numismatic Dealers Association (the only nationally recognised organisations for stamp and coin dealers respectively). Mickel has featured in numerous television, radio and newspaper stories, been a regular guest on television and radio programmes and currently writes a column for the popular community newspaper Have-a-Go News.


Smits provides certified valuations for all circumstances, including for insurance, estate and settlement purposes.

If you’re selling, be sure to consult Mickel: his comprehensive stock requirements, broad-based clientele, reputation and experience are such that his offer may well be more attractive than any obtained elsewhere, including auctions, eBay or private sale.



The value of stamps, coins and banknotes depends on their scarcity and, just as importantly, their condition, which can vary significantly. To complicate matters, different catalogues can show varying values for the same item. Smits offers peace of mind in that, just as coin and stamp collectors who buy in the shop see exactly what they’re paying for, mail-order customers can expect the same value for money. So, to get what you want at a fair market price, contact Mickel or Marilyn. Smits guarantees customer satisfaction.